Best Option: Decouple the Walls

For walls, there are no other products or methods that will isolate as well as decoupling. To minimize loss in floor space, we recommend the GenieClip® RST. The performance achieved is very similar to a double stud wall in all frequencies. Combine decoupling with damping for maximum isolation in all frequencies.

Second Option: Dampen the Walls

Walls are easy to dampen as they are fairly resilient and have minimal mass. Damping improves performance in all frequencies with most gains in the mid to high frequency range. Steel studs and 24″ on center stud spacing will improve damping performance significantly.

Third Option: Add Mass to the Walls

An additional layer or two of drywall will provide a minimal increase in isolation. TotalMass Barrier does not resonate like other common building materials. Because of this, the MLV resolves common resonance issues in walls making the MLV several times more valuable than simple mass.