Custom Isolation Door

Our proprietary isolation door designs have full sound tests from the most accurate acoustics lab in the country in both individual and communicating door assemblies. Each door arrives pre-hung in a jamb to match your wall spec with perimeter full seals included.

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    IsoDoor HD

Seal the Door Slab

Every door needs at least an automatic door bottom to seal the bottom gap. It has become common for large adjustable stops to be used for the sides and top, but we found light weight seals to work just as well, if not better. We suggest a combination of the seals found below for any sound door.

Seal the Door Frame

The gap between your door jamb and frame needs to be sealed to maintain a high STC rating. Instead of stuffing lightweight gasket in this gap, we suggest flexible mass. It usually takes about 5 putty pads and a tube of acoustical sealant per standard sized door.