Green Glue Dispensing Gun

per dispensing gun
Lead Time: 1-3 DAYS
  • Quart sized dispensing gun, holds exactly 28 ounces
  • Only available with purchase of Green Glue Compound buckets
  • Made entirely in the USA
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Used with five gallon buckets of Green Glue Compound. Only available for sale to customers who are purchasing or have recently purchased buckets of Green Glue Compound from our site.

Read our article comparing the use of our Green Glue Dispensing Gun to a 1/8" notched trowel.

  • When assembling the gun, first lubricate the inside of the barrel and the plunger device.
  • Only insert the nozzle into the bucket when loading the gun, not the entire barrel. This will help minimize any mess.
  • Use WD-40 or other solvent based lubrication on the moving parts of the gun to keep the Green Glue Compound from sticking to the gun.
  • Between uses of the dispensing gun be sure to unload the gun completely and keep the dispensing gun in a five gallon bucket of water to keep the Green Glue from drying.
  • If you are not going to use the dispensing gun for an extended period of time (over an hour) then fill the dispensing gun with water and leave the gun in the bucket of water. The Green Glue Compound will stay wet if submerged in water for up to seven days.
  • When cleaning up, remove the nozzle from the barrel and the barrel from the base by untwisting the threaded connections. Be sure to hose off all remaining Green Glue Compound.
  • Lubricate the gun after cleaning the gun. This helps increase the life of the gun.