GenieMat™ FIS

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GenieMat™ FIS
GenieMat™ FIS Bushing
  • Fits 2x bottom or top plate framing
  • FIS Bushings recommended for increased decoupling
  • Lead Time: 3-7 days
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GenieMat™ FIS acoustic isolation pad is used as a permanently resilient gasket for reducing sound and vibration transfer through top and bottom plate framing. GenieMat™ FIS can be used with wood or steel framing over concrete or wood sub-floor. Unlike similar fiberglass based products, the rubber used in the GenieMat™ FIS is unaffected by water and will not support mold growth. The use of GenieMat™ FIS above and below the plates will ensure the isolation products installed in the wall (resilient clips, Green Glue Compound, etc.) will reach their maximum performance potential. GenieMat™ FIS is sized to fit 2x4 framing, but can be used with 2x6 bottom plates.

Each roll of GenieMat™ FIS will cover 30 linear feet of framing. We recommend the use of the GenieMat™ FIS Bushings when the bottom or top plate is fastened with screws. Each fastening screw will require 1 GenieMat™ FIS Bushing, typically spaced 16" to 24" apart.

  1. Roll out the GenieMat™ FIS to the length of the bottom or top plate and cut to fit with a razor knife.
  2. Place the GenieMat™ FIS where the plate framing will be installed and place the plate over the GenieMat™ FIS.
  3. If the GenieMat™ FIS Bushing is used, then drill a hole up to 3/4" in diameter every 16" to 24" through the plate without penetrating the sub-floor. It is okay to penetrate the rubber.
  4. Fasten the plate to the framing with the GenieMat™ FIS between the framing. The GenieMat™ FIS Bushing will break the connection between the plate and the head of the screw.

GenieMat™ FIS can be installed with screws or a polyurethane based adhesive. Refer to the drawing in the thumbnail above for a more detailed spec.

GenieMat™ FIS Installation DrawingPDF 4.8 MB

GenieMat™ FIS Product SpecsPDF 226 KB

GenieMat™ FIS Specs
Width 3-1/4"
Length 30'
Thickness 1/4" (5mm)
Weight 6.4 pounds per roll
Other Widths Available 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 5-1/2", and 8"
Other Thicknesses Available 10mm
GenieMat™ FIS Bushing Specs
Diameter 1-7/16"
Thickness 7/16"
Hole Diameter
Weight .03 pounds per bushing