GenieClip™ LB4

per clip
Lead Time: 1-3 DAYS
  • Used on perimeter of ceiling or wall if backing is not available
  • Ships same day from Georgia or Utah
  • Cost To Ship: $10 (regardless of quantity)
  • Lead Time: 1-5 days
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The installation of resilient clips requires a clip within a few inches of the perimeter. There are times when the layout of the ceiling joists does not allow for proper backing near the perimeter. This is where the GenieClip™ LB4 is used. This perimeter clip will help to avoid extra labor and cost of adding in blocking or additional joists. The performance of the GenieClip™ LB4 is at the same level of the standard GenieClip™ RST.

Maximize the performance of the GenieClip™ system by adding resilience to the floor above. We recommend the use of GenieMat™ RST02 for a low cost high performance underlayment. This will increase the IIC rating by at least 6 IIC points and the STC rating by at least 2-3 points.

Maintain the layout and spacing used in the rest of the ceiling or wall partition.

GenieClip™ LB4 Install GuidePDF 353 KB

Use a #8 1-1/2" coarse thread screw for wood framing or #8 1" self tapping screw for metal framing. The standard spacing from clip to clip is a maximum of 48" with each row of clips spaced either 24" or 16" from each other. These rows require a GenieClip™ within 3" of the end of the run. This provides support for the furring hat channel and drywall attached to the channel. If backing is not available within 3" of the end of the run, then the GenieClip™ LB4 is used. For ceilings, the GenieClip™ LB4 attaches to the wall with the clip faced down and the long side of the L bracket flush with the nearest ceiling joist.

GenieClip™ LB4 Wall TerminationPDF 106 KB

GenieClip™ LB4 Product SpecsPDF 366 KB

GenieClip™ LB4 Specs
Dimensions 2-1/2" wide x 1-3/4" tall x 4" length
Projection Up to 1-5/8" from structure with 7/8" channel
Weight .37 pounds
Minimum Pullout 108 pounds
Load Failure 445 pounds pullout with 25 gauge channel
Shore A Durometer 37 durometer