GenieClip™ LB2

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Lead Time: 1-3 DAYS
  • Used with uneven ceiling joists or to drop below plumbing and electrical
  • Ships same day from Georgia or Utah
  • Cost To Ship: $10 (regardless of quantity)
  • Receive in 1-3 days, 2 days or less for 97% of our customers
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View our Product FAQ for answers to common questions about resilient sound clips.

Decoupling is the most efficient means to isolate sound in ceilings. With a quality resilient clip, a high level of isolation for airborne, structure-borne, and impact footfall noise is possible. The extensive and successful testing of the GenieClip in ceilings for STC, OITC, IIC, and UL fire ratings leads us to recommend the GenieClip as the best standard resilient clip for any project.

For ceilings that have either uneven joists or require space for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical to run beneath the joists, we recommend the GenieClip™ LB2. The performance of the GenieClip™ LB2 is at the same level of the standard GenieClip™ RST.

For standard ceiling installations, we recommend the GenieClip™ RST or GenieClip™ LB3.

Maximize the performance of the GenieClip™ system by adding resilience to the floor above. We recommend the use of GenieMat™ RST02 for a low cost high performance underlayment. This will increase the IIC rating by at least 6 IIC points and the STC rating by at least 2-3 points.

The number of resilient clips required will depend on the weight of the assembly. A clip system can hold several layers of drywall, but the acoustic load of each clip should not be exceeded. For more accurate estimating, we recommend our resilient sound clip calculator. The calculator estimates based on the dimensions of each wall or ceiling partition.

Resilient Sound Clip Calculator

Quick Math For Estimating Resilient Clips and Hat Channel (Walls or Ceilings)
1 or 2 drywall layers, 48" x 24" spacing Divide total square footage by 5
3 drywall layers, 48" x 16" spacing Divide total square footage by 4
Hat Channel, rows 24" apart Multiply total square footage by .6 for total linear footage
Hat Channel, rows 16" apart Multiply total square footage by .7 for total linear footage

GenieClip™ LB2 Install GuidePDF 475 KB

Use a #8 1-1/2" coarse thread screw for wood framing or #8 1" self tapping screw for metal framing. The standard spacing from clip to clip is a maximum of 48" with each row of clips spaced either 24" or 16" from each other. We recommend following the staggered layout pattern to distribute weight evenly across the ceiling.

GenieClip™ LB2 Ceiling DrawingPDF 98 KB

GenieClip™ LB2 Ceiling Drawing with BlockingPDF 104 KB

GenieClip™ LB2 Product SpecsPDF 391 KB

GenieClip™ LB2 Specs
Dimensions 2-1/2" wide x 4-7/8" tall x 1-5/8" deep
Projection Without Blocking Between 3/4" and 2-7/8" with 7/8" furring hat channel
Projection With Blocking Between 1/4" and 2-7/8" with 7/8" furring hat channel
Weight .25 pounds
Minimum Pullout 108 pounds
Load Failure 445 pounds pullout with 25 gauge channel
Shore A Durometer 37 durometer