How to Install TotalMass Barrier MLV On Walls and Ceilings

Measuring and Cutting

  • Measure the Surface

    Measure the distance between the ceiling and the floor. Subtract 1/4″ to 1/2″ from the total to allow for a small perimeter gap.

  • Roll Out MLV

    Roll out the MLV on the floor and mark the measurement from the previous step.

  • Cut the MLV

    With a razor knife, cut to the required length. Use a straight edge or T-Square for a straight cut.

Fastening the TotalMass Barrier and Taping Seams

  • Position MLV

    With the assistance of a helper, position the first strip of MLV in the top corner against the wall frame. Verify the MLV is straight so it will evenly drape the wall from top plate to bottom plate. Maintain a small gap along the perimeter.

    Begin fastening with nails, screws, or staples along the top working your way across the MLV and down the wall.

  • Continue Fastening

    Fasten the nail or screw with a washer 2′ on center along the top and bottom plate and length of each stud. For steel stud installation, use 3/4″ wafer head tek self-tapping screws with washers.

    If a pneumatic cap stapler is used then tighten the spacing to every 8″ along the top and bottom plate and length of each stud.

  • Tape Seams

    Repeat steps 2-5 until your entire wall or ceiling is covered in MLV.

    When MLV seams terminate on a stud, butt the pieces together, caulk the seam, and tape the seam with duct or foil tape. When MLV seams terminate between studs, overlap the MLV about 2″, and tape the seam.

Apply Finishing Touches

  • Cut Around Openings

    Be careful not to permanently cover electrical outlets or other openings when installing MLV. It is best to expose the outlets as you install each strip of MLV so they are not forgotten.

  • Seal Surface Perimeter

    Once the entire surface is covered with TotalMass Barrier MLV, caulk the perimeter with acoustical sealant.

    Proper sealing is absolutely necessary to achieve significant gains.

  • Hang and Finish Drywall

    Your TotalMass Barrier MLV installation is now complete. Hang your drywall over the MLV, vertically or horizontally, and apply your desired finish.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Apply acoustical sealant around perimeter of electrical outlets and other openings to avoid sound transfer through gaps.

  • TotalMass Barrier MLV is sold in widths of 48″ to accommodate both 16″ and 24″ on center framing.

  • We suggest creating seams on studs to avoid having to overlap MLV.

  • If MLV is overlapped between studs, then cut back the MLV along the top and bottom plate to avoid doubling up the thickness of material over framing.