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View our Product FAQ for answers to common questions about resilient sound clips.

Decoupling is the most efficient means to isolate sound in walls and ceilings. With a quality resilient clip, a high level of isolation for airborne, structure-borne, and impact footfall noise is possible. Testing for the Green Glue Noiseproofing Clip (aka Green Glue Clip, QuietClip, WhisperClip) is limited to a few STC tests in walls with no tests completed for STC or IIC in ceilings. UL fire testing has also not been completed. Because of the lack of sound and fire ratings, we recommend the proven GenieClip.


The Green Glue Clip achieves high levels of isolation from the lowest frequencies to the highest frequencies. This range in performance provides results several times better than those of any damping compound or other simple solution. The low frequency isolation especially is impossible to achieve with any other isolation method.


Ceilings are heavier and less resilient than walls so they require more significant efforts to isolate sound transmission. Most ceiling sound issues, including airborne and impact noise transmission, are best resolved using a resilient clip system. Damping compounds, pre-damped drywall, more mass, and other quick fix type products on their own have shown to provide minimal benefit.

Maximize the performance of the Green Glue Clip system by adding resilience to the floor above. We recommend the use of GenieMat RST-02 for a low cost high performance underlayment. This will increase the IIC rating by at least 6 IIC points and the STC rating by at least 2-3 points.

The number of resilient clips required will depend on the weight of the assembly. A clip system can hold several layers of drywall, but the acoustic load of each clip should not be exceeded. For more accurate estimating, we recommend our resilient sound clip calculator. The calculator estimates based on the dimensions of each wall or ceiling partition.

Resilient Sound Clip Calculator

Quick Math For Estimating Resilient Clips and Hat Channel (Walls or Ceilings)
1 or 2 drywall layers, 48" x 24" spacing Divide total square footage by 5
3 drywall layers, 48" x 16" spacing Divide total square footage by 4
Hat Channel, rows 24" apart Multiply total square footage by .6 for total linear footage
Hat Channel, rows 16" apart Multiply total square footage by .7 for total linear footage

Resilient clips perform best when fastened with screws directly to the framing. Use a #8 1-5/8" coarse thread screw for wood framing or #8 1-1/4" self tapping screw for metal framing. The standard spacing from clip to clip is a maximum of 48" with each row of clips spaced either 24" or 16" from each other. We recommend following the staggered layout pattern to distribute weight evenly across the wall or ceiling.

View Resilient Sound Clip Install Guide

NOTE ON RETROFIT INSTALLS: While we strongly recommend installing resilient clips directly to framing, there are times when this is not possible. Installing resilient clips over drywall, or other rigid surfaces, will create a second air gap causing an issue with resonance and significantly reducing the performance you could have achieved by installing the clips directly to the framing. To combat this degradation, you will need to insulate the space created by the clips with a basic 1-1/2" fiberglass batt insulation (R-6 or R-8). This will bring the retrofit performance closer in line with a standard installation.

Green Glue Clip Specs and Manufacturer's Install GuidePDF 694 KB

Green Glue Noiseproofing Clip Specs
Dimensions 1-1/8" wide x 4-1/4" tall x 1" depth
Projection 1-1/2" from structure with 7/8" channel
Weight .128 pounds
UL Certification Not UL rated in any assembly
Minimum Pullout and Shear Unknown
Load Failure 300 pounds pullout with 25 gauge channel

*All test results shown in this table were achieved through third party testing from accredited laboratories. The full test is available upon request.

Independent Sound Test Results
Type Assembly STC OITC IIC
Ceiling Not tested in any ceiling assembly - - -
Wall Wood studs, R-13 insulation, three 5/8" drywall total 39 30 -
Wall Wood studs, R-19 insulation, two 5/8" drywall total with Green Glue Clips 56 - -
Wall Wood studs, R-19 insulation, three 5/8" drywall total with Green Glue Clips 61 - -
Wall Wood studs, R-19 insulation, four 5/8" drywall total with Green Glue Clips 63 - -