GenieClip™ Mount

per clip
Lead Time: 1-5 DAYS
  • Decouples TVs, kitchen cabinets, headboards, garage doors openers, and more
  • Max Load: 200 pounds (shear) / 100 pounds (pullout)
  • Will not reduce performance of previously isolated wall by more than 1dB in any 1/3 octave
  • Ships same day from Georgia
  • Cost To Ship: $10 (regardless of quantity)
  • Lead Time: 1-5 days
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The GenieClip™ Mount is a simple ingenious way to isolate heavier items without sacrificing performance of a decoupled wall or ceiling. Now televisions, cabinets, hand railing, projectors, and more can be properly installed while maintaining separation from the existing framing.

A minimum of two (2) GenieClip™ Mounts are required per installation. The two GenieClip™ Mounts should not span more than 48". A 6" 20 gauge metal track will connect the two GenieClip™ Mounts to provide support and backing. Read more about this installation and view a simple guide by selecting the link below.

GenieClip™ Mount Install GuidePDF 665 KB

GenieClip™ Mount Specs
Dimensions 1-5/8" wide x 6-1/4" tall x 1-1/2" depth
Projection 1-5/8" from structure with 7/8" channel
Weight .41 pounds
Minimum Pullout and Shear 200 pounds (shear) / 100 pounds (pullout)
Shore A Durometer 40 durometer
GenieClip™ Mount Downloads
GenieClip™ Mount Product Specs DownloadPDF 95 KB
GenieClip™ Mount Performance Analysis DownloadPDF 3.16 MB
GenieClip™ Mount Install Guide DownloadPDF 663 KB