Product FAQ

Resilient Sound Clips

The Basics

What are resilient sound clips?
Can I install resilient sound clips over existing drywall/wood?
Should I follow the staggered or standard layout?
Is the layout for the ceiling the same as the walls?
What types of sound do resilient sound clips isolate?
How many layers of drywall should I hang from the clipped channel?
What type of screws do I use?
Will the resilient clips and hat channel support the weight of the drywall?
Test results for walls vs. ceilings are very different, why?
Do I need to clip my ceiling to isolate footfall/airborne noise from above?

Hat Channel

What is hat channel, where do I get it, and what type do I get?
Should I space the hat channel 16" or 24" apart?

Choosing A Clip

How do I decide which resilient sound clip to purchase?
Which resilient sound clip do you recommend?
There are expensive clips and cheap clips. Why not get the cheap ones?
Does my clip need to be UL rated?

Comparing Decoupling Methods

What is the difference between a resilient sound clip and resilient channel?
What about that all rubber clip with the two metal ends I see online?
How do GenieClips™ and specialty framing compare in performance?

Improving A Clipped Assembly

How can I improve the performance of a resilient sound clip system?
Should I include a damping compound or pre-damped drywall on the clipped channel?
Should I include mass loaded vinyl in a clipped assembly?
Do I need to insulate before installing resilient sound clips?
I have a ton of recessed lights, is that a problem?
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