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GG Acoustical Sealant is used to seal any gap, hole, or opening in walls, ceilings, floors, as well as around windows, doors, outlets, wires, and similar areas. Most of the focus is on the methods of installing sound isolation products, but we cannot stress enough the importance of a fully sealed partition. The performance gains of modern sound isolation products are not achievable if the seal quality is poor. Alternatives like spray foam or gasket do not have enough mass to seal properly. If the gap is over 1/2" wide, then we suggest using SpecSeal SSP Putty Pad to fill the bulk of the gap and GG Sealant to seal any gap that remains.

GG Sealant is a water based, zero VOC acoustic sealant, rated for sound isolation in high performance assemblies as well as UL rated in common assemblies. This material cures to a soft state allowing a flexible, yet dense, connection between two adjacent surfaces. GG Sealant is a very cost effective material with a cost per ounce in line with even a basic latex caulk.

The GG Acoustical Sealant tube holds 28 ounces of caulk. Gaps in sound isolation assemblies should remain small, preferably less than 1/4". Without measuring the linear footage of each gap, you can assume about 1 tube per 100 square feet of surface area. It is difficult to estimate accurately the amount of GG Sealant needed for each project. Since this sealant is paintable, any left over sealant can be used to caulk finish work.

GG Acoustical Sealant Coverage
Gap Size Coverage Per Tube
1/8" x 1/8" 320 linear feet
1/8" x 1/2" 80 linear feet
1/8" x 1" 40 linear feet
1/4" x 1/4" 80 linear feet
1/4" x 1/2" 40 linear feet
1/4" x 1" 20 linear feet

GG Acoustical Sealant fits in a quart sized caulking gun that can be purchased from our site or any hardware store. Applying GG Sealant is very similar to any caulking application. Fill the gap entirely, not superficially, and wipe the caulk so it is even or slightly recessed from the drywall. Wait at least two hours before applying mud and drywall tape over the caulked joint. GG Sealant is paintable so it can be applied over finish surfaces.

GG Acoustical Sealant Specs
Coverage Typically 1 tube per 100 square feet of surface area
Application Temperature 40°F-90°F
VOC Meets low VOC standards
Odor Mild and temporary
Drying Time Full cure, 48 hours, tacky, 2 hours
Color Off-white
Other Ratings ASTM E-84 for flame spread, ASTM D-3273 for mold resistance, ASTM E-90 for airborne noise
GG Acoustical Sealant Downloads
GG Acoustical Sealant Product Specs DownloadPDF 53 KB
GG Acoustical Sealant MSDS DownloadPDF 29 KB

Acoustical sealant is impossible to test as a standalone product. The tests are conducted by comparing an assembly that is unsealed to an assembly that is sealed. The STC rating of the entire sealed assembly becomes the STC rating for the acoustical sealant. This result can be misleading making a product look more valuable or less valuable than it really is. A better way to express the value of acoustical sealant is to compare both the sealed and unsealed performance of a wall.

The chart below shows this comparison using two examples of poorly sealed and well sealed walls. One wall is a standard interior wall while the other wall has Green Glue Compound on one side. The one that is sealed performs as it should while the one that is not sealed has little to no improvement over a standard wall. The gains that would have been possible with the Green Glue Compound were wiped out because of the clear flanking paths allowed by not sealing the wall properly with GG Sealant. You can assume as much as a 20 point loss overall in a wall that is improperly sealed. A significant drop essentially eliminating any possible progress.